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Statistics show that buyers who shop for Manhattan condos for sale in NYC on their own pay substantially higher prices when they do not have their own Real Estate Agent representing them.

It is crucial for buyers to understand that Seller's Brokers always act in the best interest of the apartment owners and property developers. It is their job to get buyers to pay the most money they can get them to spend on the apartments they represent. It is not unheard of for a Seller's Broker to take buyers to see other apartments that are overpriced. This "sneaky" strategy is typically used by Sellers' Agents to trick buyers into believing the properties they represent are a better value in comparison to other apartments on the market.

You wouldn't go to court and trust your opponent's attorney to protect your best interests, so why would you expect a Seller's Broker to help you purchase an apartment they represent for less money, or reduce their commission?

The single biggest mistake buyers make when shopping for Manhattan condos for sale in NYC on their own is they incorrectly assume they will avoid paying a commission, and negotiate a lower price if they go directly to the seller's (listing) broker. On face value, this sounds reasonable - less brokers involved with the sale equals less commissions paid. However the seller has a contract to pay 100% of the commission to their broker when their apartment is sold, AND THERE IS NEVER A REDUCTION. This is true even if there is only one broker involved with the transaction. Since it doesn't cost anything extra, it makes no sense to shop for Manhattan condos for sale without the assistance of a buyer specialized New York Real Estate Agent.

Why waste time making dozens of calls to different Brokers to see apartments when you can make just one? I will save you valuable time and money as I arrange all the appointments, and provide the expert representation you deserve.

Just like Internet dating, one cannot judge apartments by pictures alone. Buyers must visit, and experience apartments in person to get the complete picture. When using the New York Times, Internet, etc. to shop for Manhattan condos for sale in NYC, the apartment listings are actually advertisements placed by the Seller's Brokers. These brokers are not a buyer's friend - although they will be very friendly. Buyers should have their own representative to communicate with, and negotiate with a Seller's Broker. It is important to keep in mind that Seller's Brokers are savvy salespeople. Their sole job is to sell the properties they represent for the highest amount of money they can possibly get.

I am a proud member of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), the organization that sets the guidelines that New York Real Estate Agents follow. Being a board member allows me access to show all Manhattan condos for sale in NYC.

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