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Preview New York apartments  for sale and save thousands 
with the assistance of our buyer specialized New York Real Estate Agents.

Shop smarter... why waste time planning a dozen appointments or more with different Seller's Brokers, when you can have one Buyer's Agent make the appointments for you?

Statistics show buyers pay more for Manhattan apartments when they go directly to the Seller's Broker without their own Buyer's Agent. This is because the ads for 
New York apartments for sale 
in Manhattan that are displayed online, in newspapers, etc., are paid for and placed by Sellers' Real Estate Brokers. Their goal is to get buyers into a bidding war, and to ultimately spend more money for the apartments they represent.

You wouldn't trust your opponent's attorney to protect your best interests in court, so why would you believe a Seller's Broker would help you purchase an apartment they represent for less money, or reduce their commission?

The single biggest mistake buyers make is they shop for New York apartments for sale in Manhattan  without having their own Buyer's Agent. Most buyers incorrectly assume they will avoid paying a commission, and be able to negotiate a lower price if they go directly to the seller's listing agent. What typically happens when people shop without a specialized buyer's Real Estate Agent to represent them is they end up over-paying for their apartment while wasting a lot of time in the process. The fact is the seller pays 100% of the commission and there is NEVER a reduction. This is because the Seller's Agent's function, dictated by N.Y. State law, is to sell the apartments they represent for as much money as they can possibly get. The fact is, the vast majority of apartment owners hire licensed New York Real Estate Brokers known as Seller’s Agents to market and advertise "list" their apartmentsgents have a proven track record of selling apartments for substantially higher prices than owners can get on their own. 

 using the New York Times, Internet, etc. to find New York apartments for sale in Manhattan, buyers are unknowingly viewing and responding to ads placed by the Seller's Agents and Brokers. The 
Seller's Agent/Broker is contractually obligated by New York Real Estate  Law to work on the seller's behalf to obtain the highest price possible for their New York apartment. 
Since it does not cost buyers anything, i
t makes no sense to shop for New York apartments for sale in Manhattan without the help of a Buyer's Real Estate Agent.

Because so many buyers unknowingly shop for New York apartments for sale in Manhattan without proper representation, as of January 1, 2011, the New York Dept. Of State made it mandatory for Licensed New York Real Estate Agents and Brokers to disclose their role as the Seller's, or buyer's representative. NOTE: As a buyer, it is very likely that you have never received this form while looking at New York apartments for sale in Manhattan via Seller's Agents. Click Here to read the D.O.S. Disclosure Form.

If You Purchase A

New York Apartment 

Without The Assistance Of A Buyer's
New York Real Estate Agent ,
Statistics Indicate You Will

Spend More Than You Should 

The New York Real Estate Agents we pair with prospective buyers of New York apartments are all members of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY). This organization is the governing body that sets guidelines that New York Real Estate Agents and Brokers follow. To learn more about the role REBNY plays with regards New York apartments for sale in Manhattan, visit the Real Estate Board of New York Website.

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